September 11, 2012 by Diniquette

Hi. Today I was going to write about honoring your reservations, but considering the day, I thought I”d write about some of the extraordinary people I met during 9/11.

Yes, I live in NYC and yes I was here on that perfectly clear Tuesday morning. For those of us who were in NYC at the time we heard things and saw things and smelled things that were never seen on any broadcast; and I can tell you those things will stay with me until the day I die.

In the days immediately following 9/11, I was waiting tables at a Steakhouse in Midtown. During that time I met a lot of firefighters from all over the country. These men and women, when they saw what happened, just dropped everything in their lives and came to help. That blows me away to this day.  One firefighter I met, from Arizona, was kind enough to give me his pin from his fire jacket….I still have his pin to this day. (picture below)

I also met some children of firefighters who never made it out.  These little girls just lost their daddy’s; how I was supposed to make them feel better by serving them a steak I will never know. But I tried. I tap danced like I have never tap danced before; and yet these children were poised and lovely and very gracious to the silly adults, myself included, that were tap dancing all around them.  I still think of those girls and I pray that they are thriving.

Then there’s the Mayor!  The restaurant I worked in had several private dining rooms, so the Mayor, and all his staff, would come and have some very intense meetings.  I was the only civilian allowed in the room, (someone had to pour the scotch). Now I have to tell you, whether you love Giuliani or hate him, what I heard and saw from him, and his staff, were that they truly LOVED our city and they were truly trying to do the best under the worst circumstances possible.

So, wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing; let’s try and be kind to one another….because even though life goes on, and even though we must all move forward, sometimes it’s really hard to forget.

Thanks for reading.


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