Dining Etiquette 101

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October 3, 2012 by Diniquette

Here are some basic Dining Etiquette rules that I think we all forget from time to time, but they are definitely worth a quick reminder……a quickie, if you will.

*Honor restaurant reservations or cancel them on time.

*Order when ready; forget the old rule that women order first.

*Don’t talk, text, tweet, e-mail or surf the web at the table.

*Do NOT eat until everyone in your party has been served.

*Chew with your mouth closed…..(I know, I know: but you’d be surprised)

*Salt and pepper travel together…..so if someone asks for you to “please pass the salt”, you pass salt AND pepper.

*Don’t overstay your restaurant welcome.  If you are done, please do NOT stay for an extra 30 minutes.  There are people waiting for that table.  Remember: you wouldn’t be happy if you showed up for your 8:30pm reservation and had to wait because the first guests were Mucho Blah Blah.

I hope you enjoy these helpful hints.

Thanks for reading.


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