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October 10, 2012 by Diniquette

When brining your own wine to a restaurant that DOES serve wine, it’s best to follow these etiquette rules:

1. Call the restaurant in advance and ask if it’s allowed.

2. If it is allowed, ask what the “corkage” fee is… varies restaurant to restaurant. The last restaurant I worked in charged $30 a bottle, double that if it’s a magnum.

3. Whatever wine you bring should NOT already appear on the restaurants wine list, if it does, it will NOT be permitted.

4. INSIDER TIP….sometimes, if you do order 1 bottle of wine from the restaurant’s list, in addition to what you brought,  they will wave the corkage fee.  Not always, and don’t expect it, but it does happen….usually if you’re NICE or if you’re a regular.

5. It is also customary to offer the sommelier/server a taste of whatever you brought in.  It’s not frowned upon if you don’t but it’s considered good etiquette if you do.


Thanks for reading… go drink some wine!


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