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October 12, 2012 by Diniquette

Last night I observed a big no-no regarding dining etiquette; here’s the story:


Last night, a server in a Michelin Star restaurant, was waiting on a party of 2.  Each of these guests had 3 martini’s.  After round 3, the guests started to get chatty about last nights Vice Presidential Debate.  They started to tell the server that one candidate kicked the butt of the other candidate and then proceeded to get on their political soapbox.

The server, very respectfully, told the guests that he was not at liberty to engage in this conversation and state his views because, after all, he was at work; (and for the record, all servers in this situation should be Switzerland).  Mr. 3 martini’s was enraged at the server’s response and started to yell at him, screaming: “you’d better have a view! You’d better know that you NEED to vote for [candidate A]”. etc, etc…

At this, the server told Mr. 3 martini’s, AGAIN, that in fact he does have a view, but is not at liberty to discuss while at work.

A few minutes later Ms. 3 martini’s, realizing her faux pas, apologized to the server and expressed her embarrassment.  All ended well. They had a lovely time and hopefully learned a lesson.

*  I understand that it’s an election year and people are VERY passionate about politics; however there is a time and a place.  To yell at your server because they would not engage in a political sparring, WHILE THEY ARE WORKING, is unacceptable.  End of story.


Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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