Oprah said what?

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October 15, 2012 by Diniquette

There have been rumors, ever since the recession hit, that Oprah (allegedly) said that it was ok to tip 10% to economize.  Even though there are various sites claiming she DID say this, HARPO insists that she DIDN”T.

Truthfully, I could care less if she did, (allegedly), say this because we all know what the deal is.   Every single one of us knows that tipping is part of eating in a restaurant; and every single one of us knows the rules to tipping.

For those of you who may have forgotten the rules, here ya go:

*You are to tip 15%-20% on EVERYTHING  on the check.

*For those of you that think it’s ok to NOT tip on an expensive bottle of wine: shame on you.  If you can afford to buy that expensive bottle of wine, you can afford to tip on it.    If you’d tip on a $30 bottle of wine or a $17 cocktail then why wouldn’t you tip on that expensive bottle?  Unacceptable…..and, as I ‘ve written in earlier posts: this behavior will be documented under your reservation name.  So if this is a restaurant you frequent or want to frequent, do the right thing because no one is going to bend over backwards to welcome you or help get you a table when you disrespect the staff.  By not tipping properly it is perceived, by the restaurant, that you are being disrespectful.

Now, all of this is assuming that your experience went off without a hitch.  If you had a HORRIBLE experience; a legitimately  horrible experience, then it is ok to tip 10%; but tipping 10% as a norm, is not acceptable.  Think of it this way: what if today one of your clients approached you and said: ya know what, I’m trying to economize so I’m only going to pay you 10% this week.   How would that make you feel?

I bring up this Oprah rumor because there are a lot of various “experts” out there saying it’s ok NOT to tip 15%-20% on everything; as someone with 20 years of restaurant experience, I’m here to tell you that this is wrong.  Please don’t look for the loopholes. As Spike Lee said: do the right thing!

Thanks for reading.



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