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November 7, 2012 by Diniquette

Living in NYC, we ladies tend to carry around bags that are as big as we are. As with most cities, we travel by taxi or subway or bus; so when we leave our apartments in the morning, we need to carry around our entire day because there is no going home and there is no car to throw our stuff into.

When dining in a restaurant, with a bag that is of unusual size,(who just caught The Princess Bride reference?), PLEASE BE MINDFUL.  I have seen many a server trip over said bags and loose a perfectly good martini….(a total crime in my eyes).

Just put the bag COMPLETELY under the table or under your chair OR check it.  Remember, the people who are now taking amazing care of you, are actually working and you have just turned an already hectic job into a obsticle course; (which I’m sure no one would appreciate at their own jobs).

Thanks for reading.


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