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November 12, 2012 by Diniquette

My sister and I had a conversation about kids in restaurants….. how to find out if it’s a family friendly restaurant, how they should behave, what’s appropriate, etc…so here ya go:


If you want to know if the restaurant is “kid friendly”, do not make a reservation thru Open Table; pick up the phone and call the restaurant.  Once you get a human on the phone ask the following questions:

1. Do you have high chairs?

2. Do you offer a kids menu?

3. Is the Chef willing to prepare something special for the kids?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then they are NOT kid friendly.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t go to that restaurant with your kids, but, do NOT expect anyone to go out-of-the-way to cater to your kids.

Behavior: regardless of what type of restaurant you’re dining in, it is NEVER acceptable for your kids to run around the restaurant.  It is a HUGE safety hazard for your kids AND the staff.

Attire: all kids should dress appropriately to the restaurants dress code.  You should avoid jeans if it’s a fine dining establishment…. usually business casual, for everyone, is a safe standard for wherever you dine.

AND REMEMBER: IF YOU CHILD STARTS TO CRY…REMOVE THEM FROM THE RESTAURANT IMMEDIATELY AS TO NOT DISTURB THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT.  I have seen restaurant guests go up to management and complain about crying kids and it’s a situation that never has a happy ending for anyone.

Everyone deserves to have a wonderful dining experience, including your kids; so depending on the age of your kids and your kids demeanor, choose your restaurant appropriately.

Thanks for reading


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