Ordering A Steak

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November 26, 2012 by Diniquette

Hi!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of pie and stress free travel.


Today I wanted to talk about ordering a steak in a restaurant. Now, I have spent many years working in steakhouses, (M.A.N.Y. years), and below is a chart of temperatures and colors, depending on how you order your steak:

Rare (R):  Cold, red center

Medium Rare (MR): slightly warm red center

Medium (M): pink center

Medium Well (MW): slightly pink center

Well (W): no pink at all (think hockey puck)

When you order a steak: PICK ONE TEMPERATURE.  Do not tell the server you want it cooked “between MR and M” because the server AND the chef are just going to pick a temperature, and it will usually always be the rarer one;(because an undercooked steak can be saved while an overcooked steak just goes in the trash).

So the next time you order a steak, use this chart…it will totally help.

Thanks for reading.


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