Naming a Check

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December 10, 2012 by Diniquette

So, over the weekend there was a huge story about how a bartender “named” his check to be able to identify his guests. The name he typed into the computer was :Fat Girls (and this actually appeared on their check when it was presented to them).

If you didn’t read about this, the link is below:

Ok, so this is when a check is named:

A. if it’s a VIP and you need to let the kitchen know who is here

B. in a very crowded bar/restaurant when you have to identify people to start a tab.

When you name a check, to identify a tab, you are supposed to use descriptors like: red dress, blue shirt, glasses, silver hair..etc.  You NEVER insult or disrespect a paying Guest…EVER.  Remember, the paying guest is the reason why we can all pay our bills.

This article absolutely disgusted me.

Bad service and bad management; they should all be fired immediately!

What do you think?


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