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January 9, 2013 by Diniquette

If you are someone who likes to enjoy a cocktail before even looking at the menus, that is something that needs to be communicated when you make your reservation. Here’s why:

Every restaurant is thrilled to have your business, however, if they only filled their seats once a night, they’d be out of business.  You are entitled to have a leisurely dining experience, however, you are NOT entitled to that table for the entire evening.

If you make a 6pm reservation, depending on the restaurant, that table is rebooked and scheduled to be available anywhere between 2-3 hours. So if it’s a Saturday night, and you are a table of 2, I guarantee you that your table is rebooked at 8pm.

Example: (this happened the other night to a colleague of mine): A party of 2 sat down at 6pm. They informed the server that they wanted to go at a VERY slow pace. They didn’t order until 45 minutes after they were seated AND each course had to be put on hold to accommodate their wishes.  At this point the manager had to frantically rearrange the entire reservation book to avoid the following:

A) anyone having to wait for a table

B) because if people are waiting for tables that means the kitchen is about to be slammed,(because they’ll all be sat at once instead of at their allotted time), and no one will get their food in a timely fashion, which means the tables can’t turn which means more people waiting for tables….(it’s a vicious cycle and once it goes downhill it’s like Dante’s 3rd circle of hell).


So, if you know you are someone with specific dining likes and dislikes, PLEASE communicate those prior to walking in the door. It will ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience; including the people who have your table after you.

Thanks for reading.


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