S**T Happens

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January 14, 2013 by Diniquette


Today’s blog is inspired by The Golden Globes last night.   Dining is like attending live theatre; no matter how well rehearsed you are, something is bound to go wrong at any second.

Let’s look at The Globes:  all of the servers last night had to fully clear and serve the next course, for all of the celebrities, during commercial breaks.  Commercial breaks run a little over 2 minutes…..talk about speedy service.   Now we KNOW that something got spilled, at some point, on someone…..it’s how you react that is important.

When you’re in a restaurant and something goes wrong, i.e., a spill, food sent out cold, a long wait, slow service…etc; if you roll with it and act with a cool head, you will be rewarded; plus, that note will be made in Open Table that you had a compromised experience and handled it beautifully.  So the next time you dine at that restaurant, don’t be surprised if you’re treated EXTRA special; (I’ve seen everything from free desserts to mid-courses to wine).

Now if you don’t act with a cool head and enter into Dante’s 5th circle of hell; I can guarantee you that the restaurant will do whatever they can to get you out of there as quick as possible; and again, THOSE notes will also be made in Open Table.

So, when s**t happens, role with it; because in the end, it will always work out to your advantage.

Thanks for reading.


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