Sitting Sidesaddle


January 22, 2013 by Diniquette

Last night I watched a group of 3 men get seated at a table for 4. The 3rd gentleman, who didn’t have anyone seated next to him, decided that he would sit sideways.
Instead of sitting and facing the table, (and his guests), he chose to sit with his legs, fully extended, out to the side; which now meant his legs were in the dining room.

OK, let’s talk about the rudeness of this:
A. Weren’t we all taught, in Kindergarten, to face our desk and sit with our legs underneath? How is a dining room different?
B. Now, in order to serve one of his fellow guests, the server had to wedge himself between Mr. Sidesaddle AND the guest sitting at the table behind them.
C. Every time someone walked past that table, because his legs were facing the dining room, several people tripped.

I can’t believe I even have to write this: when dining in a restaurant, it is proper to sit facing the table, with your legs under the table; not fully extended, as if you are lying down. Not only is it rude, it is a hazard to the employees and the guests should they trip and fall due to your need to act like you’re on your couch.

Try and be conscious of your surroundings and act appropriately.

Thanks for reading.

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