Baby it’s cold outside

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January 24, 2013 by Diniquette

I woke up this morning and they said it was -4 with the wind chill: NO BUENO.

Since it’s so cold, that means we are all walking around wearing a million layers. When you get to a restaurant, and start peeling off those layers, you must either: keep the layers with you or check them….these are the only 2 options.

The other night I witnessed a lady, who did not want to check her layers, (her right which I will never complain about), but then decided to hang her layers on the table behind her. Now, a manager had to approach and ask her to move her stuff to which she was pissed and said “I’ll move it when someone sits down”. RUDE.

I get not wanting to put your stuff in coat check, but then you must keep it with you and NOT take up 2 tables for your stuff and NOT have your stuff spilling out into the isles so every time someone walks by you, they trip.

I know it’s cold, but proper manners still apply.

Thanks for reading.

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