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January 28, 2013 by Diniquette

A colleague of mine sent me this article from the Huffington Post about the annoying things that servers do in restaurants……..http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/24/most-annoying-waiters-restaurants_n_2545221.html?utm_hp_ref=email_share

I thought it would be wise to have an actual restaurant professional, of 20+ years, respond…..

1. If the worst thing that happened to you today is that a fellow human being introduced themselves to you, then I’d consider myself very lucky.

2. Touching: I totally agree with this, but remember: it goes both ways. You don’t want the server touching you then make sure you don’t touch the server. It’s too much intimacy and I agree with this 100%.

3. “telling you that everything on the menu is amazing”. Ok, here’s the deal with that: sometimes the server HAS to say that, especially if you are in a Chef driven restaurant. I have worked for many Chef’s that don’t want us to have any “favorites” on the menu. They want us to treat all items equally; (usually so we don’t run out of certain items on a daily basis). Remember, the server is actually working and they have requirements that the guest is completely unaware of….besides, if you are dining in a Chef driven restaurant, EVERYTHING IS AMAZING so it’s truly a hard question to answer.

4. “lag time between being seated and actually starting”….I agree with this one. A guest should be greeted within 30 – 60 seconds…no excuse for this.

5. “asking if you’ve dined at the restaurant before”…again: the server is working and they are doing what their job requires them to do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waited on guests that had no idea what was an appetizer and what was an entrée. It’s our job, as servers, to make sure your experience is as special as possible, sometimes that means explaining the menu.

6. tell you to “wait for your server” if you need something. Clearly, that restaurant is NOT a pooled house and I totally disagree with that attitude. If someone asks you for something, you do it…that’s just being a kind human being.

7. “Kneeling down or sitting to take the order”..I get that some restaurants want to create a casual, homey feel; but I hate this. I don’t know you, why are you now sitting next to me. No Bueno.

8. “Upselling”. OK: so there is no confusion: SERVERS ARE SALESPEOPLE! It is their job and a requirement to upsell. End of story. Are some people better at it than others? Of course; but they are required to upsell; it’s waiting tables 101 and some restaurants track the sales of their servers and if their sales aren’t high, they are fired. If you worked for tips or commission and you had the opportunity to sell something for $100 or $1000, which would you try to sell? Give me a break on this one!

9. “Asking if you need change”. If a server walks by your table and sees some cash peeking out of the check presenter, CLEARLY THE SERVER HAS NOT COUNTED IT, so asking if you need change is an appropriate question.

Do servers screw up and do annoying thing? YES! But this list is ridiculous and I felt someone with experience needed to respond.

I’m curious about what you think….let me know.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Oh Really…

  1. This article angered me, and clearly a lot of other people based on the comments section. I think your comments are spot on Krista! It is obvious to me that whoever wrote this list has never waited a table in their life and has absolutely no business sharing their views on the matter.

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