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February 7, 2013 by Diniquette

I witnessed this last night while dining out in Manhattan; (and then I got all the deets on the DL from the manager)….

*A party of 4 had a reservation at 7pm

*2 members of that party showed up and sat at the bar waiting

*At 7:45 the manager told them that had to be seated and at that time informed the server that the other 2 people would be there eventually

*The 2 men ordered a tasting menu. Right before the desert course was to be “fired”, they informed the server that they wanted to hold dessert until ONE of the other guests arrived.

*The manager said we would hold the course for 15 minutes, but no longer.

*30 minutes later one of their guests showed up and wanted to start ordering food, but wanted to wait until the 4th showed up.

*Another 20 minutes later,the dessert course came out for the first 2, and the other 2 ordered apps.

*After they were all done, #3 and #4 decided that they wanted dessert……I left at 11:30pm and they were still there.

RESERVATIONS DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO HAVE THE TABLE FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT! The manager had to scramble to find tables for other guests who actually followed the rules and showed up: ON TIME AND COMPLETE.

Trust me: notes about these people were made in Open Table under their reservation name. Though they will always be welcome at that restaurant, NO ONE will ever go above and beyond for them and I would bet the farm that if they are late again at this restaurant, their table will be given away.

Like Spike Lee says: do the right thing! Show up on time, complete, and don’t overstay your welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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