Fun Fact Friday: V-day


February 8, 2013 by Diniquette

* Casanova: well known as “the world’s greatest lover”, ate chocolate to make him virile.

* Physicians of the 1800’s commonly advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining for lost love.(i.e…they recomended pigging out on Ben and Jerry’s: Bridget Jones coulda told you that).

* Richard Cadbury produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day in the late 1800’s. (I love you and your Caramello bars…damn you).

* More than 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day.

* Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day in the U.S.

Happy Weekend everyone; and remember: if you going out to a restaurant for a fancy V-Day dinner, TIP ON EVERYTHING ON YOUR CHECK INCLUDING THE BUBBLY!

Thanks for reading.

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