President’s Day Food

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February 18, 2013 by Diniquette

Here are some fun Presidential Food Facts throughout the years:

*Longest-running food legacy: Abraham Lincoln spared a bird that had become the beloved pet of one of his sons; thus the sparing of the Thanksgiving Turkey was born.

*Obesity: William Taft has been the U.S.’s largest president to date, weighing in at a whopping 300 – 332 pounds. He got so fat that he got stuck in the White House bathtub.

*Meatless Mondays: Woodrow Wilson urged all Americans to observe Meatless Mondays to conserve food at home and help feed the troops fighting abroad during World War I.

*Victory Gardens: In response to the Great Depression, when food was scarce, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor encouraged people to grow their own food and preserve excess crops for the lean winter months.

I find it fascinating that all of these points are still current today.

Happy Monday.

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