Soup Dumplings

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February 20, 2013 by Diniquette

Shanghai soup dumplings can be very tricky to eat, especially if you’re not good with chopsticks, (like me). So here is the best way to do it:

*You will be given a white ceramic spoon and a set of chopsticks. Slowly pick up the dumpling, with the chopsticks, and put it onto the white spoon.

*While holding the dumpling on the spoon, take a nibble out of the corner of the dumpling. This will help the steam to escape so you don’t burn your tongue off. Any tiny bits of soup that spill out will be caught on the spoon.

*Slurp the soup out of the dumpling,(YES, slurp), then pop the whole thing into your mouth. Any residual soup will be on the white spoon for you to enjoy as well.

That’s it! Just remember: the white spoon and chopsticks are used together the entire time, if not, it’s just a hot mess.

Thanks for reading.

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