Iphone behavior

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February 28, 2013 by Diniquette

Last night, I watched a server approach a table of 4 to take their order. One of the guests, who was not able to remove her earbuds, kept interrupting the server from taking the order because she had to continue to take phone calls and send texts. I kid you not; it took this server 10 minutes just to get the order from this 1 guest, there were still 3 others that needed to order.

I feel that this is my mission; to get people to put away their damn phones and engage and be present. This woman’s behavior was beyond rude and inappropriate. If you are that busy and important and can’t put down your phone to break bread with the people who have just rearranged their schedules to break bread with you: THEN STAY HOME. This kind of behavior sends a message to your guests that their presence is not important to you and it also takes the server away from taking care of their other guests who need and deserve attention.

When you are dining in a restaurant: PUT YOUR PHONES AWAY!!!! Pay attention to your life, in the present, and show some respect to your guests.

Thanks for reading.

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