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March 5, 2013 by Diniquette

So, there is an article from The NY Post that has caused quite a contoversy. Below is the article for your reading pleasure:


Here was my reply to this film critic AND the Post….Enjoy!

Well, well, well; bravo, once again to the NY Post for another completely ignorant article about a topic that the writer clearly knows nothing about. Since ignorance is just a lack of knowledge, let me educate you……….

I have worked in restaurants since I was a teenager. I have worked in everything from a German Deli in a Mall in Jersey to several Michelin Starred restaurants in Manhattan; for this film critic to imply that he knows anything about restaurant service, from his clearly extensive experience,(you know, traveling to France and all), is insulting.

Mr. Smith’s claim to fame is that his Novel was optioned by CBS and only ran 3 episodes before being canceled. Maybe that’s why Mr. Smith is so hateful towards the “waitrons”; because in NYC and LA a large percentage of servers ARE actors, and perhaps that reminds him of his TV failure.

I’m curious Mr. Smith: why did you leave an 11% tip? Did you show up on time for your reservation just to be told that the table wasn’t ready or that you had to wait? Was everything that you ordered, served to you exactly how you asked? Did you enjoy everything that you consumed or are you truly that despicable of a human being that you fault your “waitron” for being nice to you? What a sad, impotent, little man you are.

As a service professional, I happen to agree with one thing that you said: if you are clearly still eating, you should not be interrupted and asked “if you’re still working on it”; but from your fascinating article filled with your extensive expertise, other than that brief interruption, I didn’t see that the restaurant or SERVER did anything wrong. Since you clearly know nothing about restaurants in America, let me explain to you how this works: There are servers, bartenders, bussers, (or backservers), and runners. All of these trained professionals work as a team which is why you sometimes see them and not your server. That does NOT mean that the server is not doing their job, it means that the server is taking care of another guest in that moment; ( a guest that was probably nicer and more approachable than you).

I’m also curious about this “girl you knew” who worked in restaurants and said that they would drop food on the floor if they didn’t like a guest….I have worked in restaurants for 20+ years and I have never witnessed anyone EVER do this. To imply that this IS what happens in restaurants is disgusting! I can say, however, that I’m not surprised that your outlook on service is this vile: look at the company you keep!

The fact that you “were forced to be nice” to another human being speaks volumes about your character. As Dave Barry says: “a person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person”. What a horrible life you have that a SERVER was nice to you; you poor unfortunate soul.

Here’s an idea: how about you stick to what you know, which is a failed TV show and mediocre film critiques, and let the Service professionals write about what it’s like to dine in NYC; after all, we’re the experts!

Krista Lepore

Dining Etiquette Expert


If any of you wishes to contact this film critic or the post, here is their contact info:

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