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March 18, 2013 by Diniquette

     I have a colleague, who works at a Michelin Star Restaurant in Manhattan, who sent me a very detailed email about a recent experience he had.  Basically, the guest did the following:

*The guest walked into the bar area and announced to everyone that she’d be dining at the bar…(btw: the code in Open Table for someone who speaks VERY LOUDLY is: screamer).

*She loudly asked: “is this place any good?” “Is it as good as Babbo?” “Are the portions really small like ___”?  Let’s just say that these questions went on and on for @20 minutes….the whole time, in full voice, disturbing the other bar guests.

*She asked the manager if there was a wine store near by because she researched the wine list prior to coming in and didn’t think it was any good, so she wanted to go bring in her own.  The manager did communicate the nearest wine store and then she returned with a bottle of wine that was already represented on the list.

*She then started to deconstruct all of the items on the menu: “can I have the side dish with the Duck, but I don’t want to order the Duck”…(you get the picture).  She was informed that that was not possible: she then became belligerent and loudly announced that the restaurant was “highly inflexible”.

You get the idea of where this is going, (because this story goes on for days)…..there is nothing, NOTHING a restaurant can do about such a crazy guest. Even though she was “annoying” the other guests at the bar, none of them complained; had they complained, there would have been a chance that the crazy person would have been asked to leave; unfortunately all the bar guests and the bartender were subjected to her crazy.

I think it goes without saying that you don’t walk into a Chef driven, Michelin Star restaurant and start asking to rearrange the menu or ask if it’s any good or if it’s better than Restaurant A or B…etc…that’s bad etiquette any way you look at it….but it’s the crazy that’s hard to control.

If you find yourself dining out and are seated near a guest that is compromising your experience: PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!!  Not only will it help you, but it will help your fellow diners AND the employees.

Thanks for reading.


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