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March 27, 2013 by Diniquette

Last night, while dining out, I observed a server trying to explain to her table of 6 how the tasting menus worked. The Host of the table said to her: “TELL the Chef that we want…..” OK, let’s go over a couple of things:

*The sever is not going to TELL the Chef anything! In some restaurants, depending on the Chef, that can cause a big problem for that servers employment status.

*Do NOT order or demand that your server do anything. YES, you are the paying guest and YES, you deserve to be treated with respect; but in life if you wish to be treated with respect you must treat others the same way.

*Remember the old saying: You can catch more flys with honey! Don’t TELL the server what to do, ASK. ASK if the Chef would mind accommodating various substitutions; ASK if the Chef would be willing to make something special to accommodate your pickiness. ASK! Your experience will be much better!

*Also remember: you are in the Chef’s house. I have worked in many Chef driven restaurants where I’ve gone back to communicate that a Guest is TELLING me what they want the Chef to do……on 99% of those occasions the Chef said no or left the decision up to me….and if it was up to me, and you treated my like a servant and not a server, the answer was ABSOLUTELY NO!

BE NICE; because your server can make or break your experience!
Thanks for reading.

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