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April 3, 2013 by Diniquette

When dining out there is a level of patience that is required from both the server AND the guest.

*If you order a drink from 3 different people, within moments of placing your original order, I feel you should be served and charged for all 3 drinks. Here’s the deal:

If you order your drink from your server, and then ask the back waiter for the same drink as they approach to serve you bread and then ask for the same drink again as the runner approaches the table to serve the Amuse Bouche…that’s very bad etiquette and very disrespectful to your server.

If 10 minutes have gone by: absolutely you have a right to ask someone else; but when all of this activity at your table happens within moments of you placing your initial order; you need to be patient. You are not the only guest in the restaurant/bar waiting for a drink. You need to have patience and trust that your professional server will get you your drink in a timely fashion. There is no magic wand for producing an instant Martini;(though I wish there was!)

Thanks for reading.


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