Celebrity Sightings

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April 11, 2013 by Diniquette

Depending on where you live, (and dine), you might be dining next to a celebrity. If you are, here are some simple etiquette rules to remember:

*As far as I’m concerned, they are also trying to enjoy their experience, so leave them alone.

*If it’s someone who is a hero to your kid, (usually a sports star), and you really want your kid to meet them: either approach in the very beginning or the very end; do NOT interrupt them while they’re eating….that’s rude regardless of the situation.

*If you need to pull out your iPhones to take pictures, turn off the flash. Tons of flashes going off is very disruptive in a dining room for all guests and employees.

*If you are truly dying to meet the person, my suggestion is to approach the server taking care of them first. I can’ t tell you how many times I’ve had to run interference for celebrities regarding this issue. Sometimes it’s just not appropriate to approach, especially if it’s an intense business type of dinner or a romantic date night. If the celeb is agreeable, the server will arrange a QUICK hello….but don’t take advantage of this. Get in, say hi, get out! Remember, the server is now helping you do something that is truly NOT in their job description; respect that they are helping you and respect that the celeb is their to eat and relax….just like you.

Thanks for reading.

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