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April 15, 2013 by Diniquette

I think it’s always good to get back to basics; so let’s talk about some dining etiquette basics………

*If your reservation is at 6pm, that means you sit, at the table that is being held for you, at 6pm. DO NOT show up at 6:15 and then go to the bar and drink for 30 minutes. Depending on the restaurant, that will cause you to forfeit your reservation.

*BE NICE TO THE SERVER! They are the gate-keeper and they can make or break your meal….trust me on this one; I have, on many occasions, pulled those puppet strings and enhanced or ruined an experience depending on how I was treated….and NO, I don’t feel bad about that at all! I feel it’s Karma.

*If you are seated in front of several pieces of silverware: start from the outside pieces, per course, and move your way in.

*The rules about “ladies ordering first” don’t really exist anymore. If you’re ready, order; unless the host of your table dictates otherwise.

*When eating bread, USE YOUR HANDS. It’s meant to be torn and enjoyed with your hands. Only use the bread/butter knife for the butter or other spreads that are on the table. Don’t use your appetizer knife and slice the roll like a bagel.

*Your napkin is a napkin NOT a handkerchief. Don’t use it for anything except to wipe your mouth and hands. It also lives on your lap, not your chair and not on the table.

*Tip 15%-20% on the entire check, INCLUDING THAT BOTTLE OF WINE. If you ordered it, you tip on it, end of story!

Thanks for reading.

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