Oh No He Didn’t

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April 29, 2013 by Diniquette

The other night, while dining at a Michelin Star restaurant, I heard the following:

*A table of 5 was seated next to mine. One of the gentleman ordered the Steak Tartare and said to the server: “is it fresh”? The server, (whom I now love), said: “No; actually it’s not”. (BRILLIANT). The entire table laughed at the servers joke but they also all got the point: THAT IS A FAUX PAS BEYOND BELIEF.

Do you really think that a restaurant, Michelin Star or not, wants to serve something old, inedible and possibly dangerous? Wouldn’t that effect business and thus put everyone out of a job? And what do you think the server is going to say when asked such a question? REALLY????

For the record, from the restaurant point of view, this is viewed as a very disrespectful comment.

Did they continue to receive excellent service? Of Course! Did anyone go above and beyond for them? NO! Was a note about them being A-hole’s put into Open Table under their reservation name? ABSOLUTELY.

Thanks for reading.

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