Dante’s 3rd Circle

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April 30, 2013 by Diniquette

When dining out, sometimes, the Chef will offer little treats at the beginning and/or end of the meal: Amuse Bouche and Petit Fours. These items are complimentary from the Chef so that you begin and end your meal on a high note. They are considered a gift; therefore, for you to make a total glutton out of yourself and consistently ask for more is considered bad etiquette. VERY bad etiquette.

Think of it this way: if someone gives you a gift, you would never say: Oh, I like this gift, go get me another one. People would totally talk smack about you if you did this…… so it’s bad etiquette any way you look at it.

So stay out of Dante’s 3rd Circle, avoid the gluttony, accept the gifts with a “THANK YOU” and move on.

Thanks for reading.

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