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May 2, 2013 by Diniquette

I can’t believe people still do this, but I just saw this happen last night………………..

If, you are dining in a restaurant and require more wine, PLEASE ASK YOUR SERVER. Do NOT hold up your glass as if you’ve just scored a touchdown and start waving your empty glass around for the entire restaurant to see.

They don’t even do this in Hofbrau Gardens in Germany where it would actually be appropriate. (I spent 3 months in Germany so I experienced this first hand, though that’s a blog for another day).

If you can’t wait until your server comes back to your table, (and you shouldn’t have to), certainly there are other servers, bussers and runners passing by your table; it’s more appropriate to ask them. You will actually receive your wine quicker this way.

So save the touchdown arms for game day!

Thanks for reading.

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