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May 7, 2013 by Diniquette

Last night a friend of mine, who is a Server, watched a lady lean back in her chair and flip her hair so she could put it up in a ponytail. As she did this, her hair almost flipped into the food on the table behind her…..(those of you that have eaten in Manhattan, you know how close together the tables are).

A) Don’t fix your hair at the table.
B) If you insist, (which you shouldn’t because it’s bad manners), be aware of your surroundings.

Every time you flip, toss and play with your hair, YOUR HAIR flies around and lands in places it shouldn’t; like your guests bread plate, in the food of the people dining behind you, in your water glass…etc.


If you hair is in the way of you eating, excuse yourself from the table, go to the restroom and then fix your hair. That is the appropriate venue, NOT the dining table.

Thanks for reading.

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