May 14, 2013 by Diniquette

Ok: this made me so mad that I felt like Joan Crawford after just seeing a damn wire hanger…………

A colleague of mine told me that she overheard a male guest, in her section, say the following: “you don’t have to tip on the wine because it isn’t included in the tax.”


Ok, so we are on the same page: YOU ARE TO TIP ON EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY ITEM ON YOUR CHECK. END OF STORY! Taxable; non-taxable; it doesn’t matter. If you ordered it and/or consumed it, YOU TIP 15% – 20% ON EVERYTHING.

I’m astounded that people still try get away with saving a few bucks by not tipping properly. Tipping is part of eating out. If you can afford what you just ordered then you can afford to tip on it.

Do the right thing people.

Thanks for reading.

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