Blizzards and Reservations

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January 2, 2014 by Diniquette


If you live in the Northeast, as I do, you know that we are about to be pounded by 6-10 inches of snow; (Happy New Year to us)!

Should you have reservations at a restaurant tonight, here are some things to keep in mind:

*If you are on the fence about your reservation tonight due to the impending snow, and think you can decide later; DON’T! Either commit or cancel. Here’s why:

+There is a huge group of foodies that LOVE when the weather is bad, because that means people cancel their reservations and that they can finally get into that “hard to get in” restaurant. (But not if you cancel last-minute).

+As we speak, the Chef, owners and managers are prepping for tonight’s reservations. If, at 6pm, the reservations go from 100 covers to 30; that does everyone a disservice.

+I have worked in restaurants that will actually close for the night, should the reservations drop off early enough in the day due to pending blizzard conditions. They would rather their Guests and staff be safe. (Again, not if you cancel last-minute).

So, if you don’t feel you can commit to your reservation tonight, (which includes being on time), due to the pending blizzard….take my advice: cancel now, stay in and order some Chinese……whatever you do DON’T cancel at the last-minute. It’s bad form and bad etiquette.

Thanks for reading.
Stay safe.

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