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February 20, 2014 by Diniquette


I’ve been traveling a lot; (which means eating in lots of bars and restaurants), and I have to tell you: it’s a HOT MESS out there. So I think it’s time to get back to basics. Over the next few weeks I’ll be going over the little things that can actually make a big difference. Remember, you will one day find yourself at a very important dining event; i.e. first date, job interview, meeting your future in-laws, etc…like it or not, the people sitting opposite of you ARE making a judgement about you based on your dining behavior. I’m not saying this is right, but I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I’m here to tell you, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS….so use my tips as your little secret to success. Here we go:

If you talk to any Master Sommeliers, they will tell you that there is only 1 way to hold a wine glass:

*Hold the wine glass by the stem. Pinch the stem of the glass between your index finger and thumb. NEVER hold the bowl of the glass because your body heat, or warmth from your hands, will warm the wine and change its ideal drinking temperature.

*Also, if the glass is too heavy to balance/hold between your index finger and thumb, then the glass is overfilled.

Thanks for reading.

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