Basics: Silverware

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March 3, 2014 by Diniquette

Good Morning.

Here’s a quick tip for you regarding silverware………..

As you know, sometimes when you go out to eat, especially if you’re having a Chef’s tasting, there will be SEVERAL pieces of silverware in front of you. I cannot tell you how many looks of panic I have received from fearful diners……here’s the thing: it’s just silverware! No one is going to die and no one is going to get pregnant…so you’re good!

Rule of thumb: always start on the outside and work you’re way in. THAT’S IT!

Now, if you ever find yourself with a piece of silverware that you have no idea how to use, here is how you handle that: normally once food is served, everyone dives in. Instead of diving in, take a beat and observe how your dinner companions are handling the questionable silverware and then you’ll know exactly what to do.


Thanks for reading.

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