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March 25, 2014 by Diniquette


This is something that always seems to be a little tricky; but good, bad or indifferent, this is how it works……

If you are dining and are luck enough to receive something free from the restaurant; (and you are receiving it as a gift, not because there was a problem, but because the Chef or management wanted to show their appreciation); it IS proper to tip extra because of that item.

Example:  If the Chef sends you an extra course as a gift, it is expected in the restaurant world that you will take that gift into consideration when you pay your bill.  It is also expected that you won’t tip less than 20%+. The + is taking into consideration a little extra for the gift.

So yes, the gift is NOT really free; however, if you don’t respond properly I can assure you that it’s the last time you will ever receive a…

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