Name Calling

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May 22, 2014 by Diniquette


I always appreciated, when I was waiting tables, when guests would ask my name. This way the experience for all of us was a little more personal; which I always think enhances the meal; HOWEVER, I’ve never understood why a guest would use their servers name EVERY TIME THEY CAME INTO CONTACT WITH THEM. Truthfully, it’s a little creepy.

Think about it: do you use your friends/partners/co-workers name every time you speak to them in every single sentence? It’s great to address a human being by their name, but it’s not ok to abuse the use of their name; it is perceived as annoying and creepy and a little condescending and makes the server NOT want to spend any time at your table, which mean your experience will be compromised.

Don’t try to befriend your server; just be nice and respectful and I promise you your experience will be fantastic.

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