Things Servers Shouldn’t Say.

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June 3, 2014 by Diniquette


Over the weekend my Dad and I went out to dinner, to say that our entrees took an extremely long time would be and understatement;(to be exact, they arrived 1 hour AFTER apps were cleared). Yikes!

When we asked the server to let us know what was going on, her reply was : “well, you did have appetizers, so, they didn’t fire it until you were done.” OH NO SHE DIDN’T!

A) UNACCEPTABLE ANSWER. You never, NEVER throw the blame onto the paying guest; NEVER.

B) The proper response should have been: “I’m so sorry for your wait. Let me go look into this”. OR, “ I’m so sorry for your wait. Let me go alert my manager and have them go check with the Chef.”

Remember, eating in restaurants is live theatre; stuff goes wrong…..but when it does, it’s how it’s handled that makes or breaks the guests experience. The guest is King; without them everyone would be out of business!

Thanks for reading.

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