Cocktail Party Don’ts

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June 18, 2014 by Diniquette

Hi Everyone!

Last night I was at a cocktail party and observed some things that you should never do….so let’s jump on in:

A) As the servers were walking around passing canapes, I observed this interaction:
Server: would you like one?
Guest: (curtly), I already had 2!

*Ok, first of all: WHO GIVES A SHIT HOW MANY YOU HAD! The diet police aren’t here and no one is counting.

*If in fact you are on a diet, that’s your business and not the servers fault.

*The proper response to the question: “would you like one?” is ALWAYS either: “No, thank you”. OR “Yes, thank you”. What has happened to manners? Weren’t we all taught PLEASE and THANK YOU at an early age? I suggest we get back to that!

B) I watched several people put their empty wine/cocktail glasses on the table that had a beautiful cheese/charcuterie board displayed for everyone to enjoy. REALLY?

*DO NOT put dirty glasses/plates/etc on a table that has food.

*Find a server and hand off your used ware.

*If you can’t find a server, I guarantee that there is a cocktail table within steps of where you are where you can deposit your ware.

(As you can see I was biting my tongue last night).

Next time you’re at a cocktail party, try to remember these little things….because I truly believe manners, whether good or bad, are contagious. So let’s lead by example.

Thanks for reading.

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