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July 1, 2014 by Diniquette

Hi everyone!

My friend relayed this story to me and I have to tell you, my jaw is still on the ground:

*A couple arrived at the restaurant for their reservation and were promptly seated. The woman was clearly already 3 sheets to the wind.

*Moments after they were seated, Miss drunkity-drunk stood up, walked to the center of the dining room, and then proceeded to lay down on the floor in-between 2 tables that were full with guests. SHE LAYED DOWN ON THE FLOOR!!!

Ok kiddies, here’s the deal: if you can’t hold your liquor DON’T go out to eat. Cancel your reservation, go home and sleep it off.

Now, as a woman, I know that when we have too much to drink we sometimes feel invincible: (comedian Chris D’Elia imitates this to perfection: ); but come on…..who thinks lying down on the floor of a restaurant is a good idea?

If you can’t hold your booze; go home and sleep it off… yourself from such embarrassment and spare everyone at the restaurant from having their experience ruined.

Thanks for reading.

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