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July 2, 2014 by Diniquette

Last night I went out dinner and decided to have a cocktail in the bar first; this is what I saw transpire:

*A man and a woman were seated next to me at the bar. The bartender, who was very busy, accidentally spilled the drink she was making and it spilled on the mans pants.


What the guest expected: the man was fine and totally cool about it; however, the woman kept announcing, at the top of her lungs: “GREAT, we get free drinks now, right? Free drinks? Free drinks, right?” Over and Over and Over…it was a little maddening.

What the guest SHOULD expect: Immediately the bartender apologized and cleaned up the mess. The manager approach very soon after and also apologized to the man. The manager also comped his drink AND offered to pay for his dry cleaning.

Here’s the deal: the man had a drink spilled on him; ON HIM, not her. He was offered a free drink AND dry cleaning to make up for the accident. The man was treated with respect and the situation was resolved quickly. DO NOT EXPECT TO DRINK/EAT FOR FREE WHEN NOTHING HAPPENED TO YOU. The woman’s behavior was classless and beyond bad etiquette.

Just be cool. If something happens to one of your dining companions, they should absolutely be taken care of; to assume that that extends to you is delusional.

Thanks for reading.


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