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July 3, 2014 by Diniquette

Ok, before I dive in with this, if you haven’t read the report, here it is:


First: For those of you that are new to my blog, I am a Restaurant/Bar expert with 20+ years of experience; in both BOH and FOH.

Second: If, and I mean IF, the server referred to a table of men as “boys” it’s disrespectful. Is it worthy of being stiffed? NO, but I think there was another issue at play that no one wants to talk about; so here it is…..

Third: This is an African-American man being referred to as “boy”. That has a very negative connotation and can be construed as being racist. If you are unaware of what I speak I suggest you go back and read up on your American History and the age of slavery.

Fourth: (and this is for my service professionals), unless the guests you’re taking care of are regulars of yours, it is NEVER ok to be so casually comfortable with a complete stranger. You NEVER greet the table like that. You say: “Hi, welcome” or “Hi gentlemen” , etc. You don’t know them; they don’t know you. You are in your place of employment: BE PROFESSIONAL AND RESPECTFUL. People who are too comfortable too quick always raise red flags and ALWAYS make the guests feel uncomfortable.

Thanks for reading.

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