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July 8, 2014 by Diniquette

Hi everyone.

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend.

In order to keep things fair and even, today I want to talk about things from a service point of view that indicate poor service.

For all of my service professionals:

*Remove dead glassware promptly. If the martini glass is empty, take it away. Do NOT leave it there for the entire meal.

*Remove all used straws and sugar packets off of the table. I hate it when I take the straw out of my cocktail, before I even order, and the straw stays there for the entire meal. If it’s dirty and it touches the table, REMOVE IT.

*Bev Naps, (i.e. cocktail napkins), are not to be used on tables that have tablecloths. The napkin is the underliner for the beverage to absorb moisture. If there is a tablecloth, the napkin isn’t needed.

*DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ASK A TABLE: “are you still working on that?” They are dining; they are hopefully enjoying; they are NOT working.

*If one person on the table is done eating, and everyone else is still eating, DO NOT REMOVE THEIR PLATE UNLESS THEY HAVE PUSHED IT AWAY.

I know that these are all little things, but it’s the little things that make a guests experience extraordinary.

Extraordinary experience = bigger tips.

Thanks for reading.

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