Oyster Pearls of Wisdom


July 9, 2014 by Diniquette

Last night a friend of mine, (I’m talking to you MelRob), was horrified when she saw someone pick up a fork and knife to eat a fresh oyster on the half shell. So let’s talk about this…………

*The proper way to eat a raw oyster: use your cocktail fork to move the oyster around in its liquid filled shell to make sure it’s detached.

*Then put down the fork, pick up the shell and slurp it down…some people say it’s easier to do this from the wide end of the shell, but you do whatever is easier; as long as you don’t slurp half of that liquid onto your shirt.

*Next, chew the oyster 2 to 3 times before swallowing. DO NOT SWALLOW IT WHOLE. You want to taste all of that briny, sweet, deliciousness. So chew first.

That’s it.

Just because you are dining in a fancy-schmancy restaurant that doesn’t mean that you have to use silverware. Oysters are finger food; so have at it!

Thanks for reading.

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