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July 15, 2014 by Diniquette


You can be eating in the finest restaurant with the most glorious food, but if you get bad service, the experience leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Something that I see servers do, time and time again, is backhanded service. Let me explain:

*When someone serves you, it should be with their outside arm, so the server is actually facing the guest with “open arms”,(I love a JOURNEY reference); which is warm and welcoming in terms of body language.

*When the server uses their inside arm, the guest is constantly getting the servers elbow or armpit in their face….NO BUENO.

Example: If you are sitting down, and the server approaches, and you are sitting on the servers RIGHT side: the server should serve you with their left hand. If they served you with their right hand, then you would have had a big fat elbow in the kisser….BAD…

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