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July 21, 2014 by Diniquette

Happy Monday!!!!

So, over the weekend a friend of mine told about something that happened in his restaurant:

A 2 top was seated next to a table of 4 men. Some of these men were wearing hats. The 2 top was so offended by this that they kept talking loud to one another saying things like: “I can’t believe how rude it is to wear a hat inside”, etc. Well, things escalated and a fight insued….talk about dinner theatre.

FIRST: here is the proper hat etiquette:

*Women are permitted to keep their hats on while indoors.

*Men must remove their hats while they are indoors.

*Men should also remove their hats, while in an elevator, if a woman enters.

*While at theatre or concerts; all hats should be removed if they are blocking anyone’s view; (after all, they paid for those tickets just like you and deserve an unobstructed view, just like you).

*Women should never wear a hat with an evening dress; (which is why you never see them on the Red Carpet at The Oscars but you do see them at The Oscar Luncheon).

*(As a personal like): I like when a man tips his hat at a lady…very old school, but I love it.

SECOND: the 2 top was out of line. It is none of your business if the table next to you is wearing a hat. How does that ruin your experience at the restaurant? If they were loud and unruly, fine; but wearing a hat???? Mind your business and enjoy the company you’re with; and if a man wearing a hat indoors is such a trigger for you, kindly ask the Host to move you to a different table.

Thanks for reading.

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