5 Foot Rule


July 29, 2014 by Diniquette

I worked for a big restauranteur in NYC, and he was huge on customer service. He always spoke about how service was in the 50’s, when gas attendants would come out in white gloves, check your oil, wash your windows, etc….offering good service.

Those days, unfortunately, are long gone……but his dream was to bring that kind of service back because he felt that was true hospitality. Thus: the 5 foot rule.


The 5 foot rule: when you are within 5 feet of a paying customer/guest, you are to make eye contact and acknowledge them; either with a smile, a “hello” or a nod of the head; but you are to always acknowledge. What does this do? This creates a warm and welcoming environment. An environment where the guest feels happy and comfortable which translates into higher sales and higher tips.

Remember: the Guest comes first.

Thanks for reading.

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