Server Pet Peeve #722

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October 6, 2014 by Diniquette

HI Everyone!

Listen, we all have pet peeves when we’re at work; right? The service industry is no different. Every staff that has ever worked for me always has the same list of pet peeves…this is just one of them:

*When the server approaches your table and asks to take your order, if you are NOT ready to order, say so. DO NOT make the server stand at your table while you read everything on the menu. If you have questions, that’s one thing, (and totally acceptable behavior); however, if the server asks if you’d like to order and you say: “well…..” as you continue to talk amongst yourselves, that wastes the servers time. AGAIN, you are not the only person who requires service in that restaurant.

So: if you’re not ready to order AND you don’t have any questions for the server, KINDLY say: we’re not quite ready yet. This way the server can move onto the 50 other things that they have to do.

Dine smart and you will be rewarded with extraordinary service…I promise.

Thanks for reading.

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