Food Allergies

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October 7, 2014 by Diniquette

Food Allergies, AKA the bain of my existence.

Here’s the thing: if you tell my staff that you are “gluten intolerant”, and then my staff tells you that you can’t have what you ordered due to gluten, and then you say: “well, a little is ok”…..THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE A GLUTEN ISSUE; what you have is a selfish issue!

Let me explain how it works in a restaurant: everyone takes food allergies very seriously. If you TRULY have an allergy or intolerance, the kitchen will bend over backwards to make sure that your dish is prepared WITHOUT as much cross-contamination as possible. That process actually throws a big monkey wrench into the very well choreographed machine. If everyone who was on a diet whim did this, it would take over an hour for everyone in the restaurant to receive their food; PLUS, it would cause total chaos in the restaurant, both BOH and FOH.

This angers me beyond belief.

Just tell the truth. If you’re watching your weight and want help navigating the menu; ask the server…don’t lie and cause total chaos in the kitchen because the paying guests who are following the rules, don’t deserve to have their experienced compromised because you’re selfish.

Thanks for reading.

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