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October 9, 2014 by Diniquette

The other night, while I was out dining, I witnessed the following:

There were 2 ladies seated at a large, half-moon shaped booth. One of the ladies took off her shoe and rested her full leg on the booth, as if she were lying on her couch at home. REALLY?

Ok, let’s talk about what’s wrong with this:

A)You are not in your home, you are not at a spa, you are not getting a pedicure; you are in a restaurant, act appropriately.

B)It is a health code violation; plain and simple.

C)To say that this is bad manners is beyond an understatement….and before you all go judging the “type” of person who does this; let me point out that Martha Stewart herself has taken her shoes off while dining; (I know this because I’ve waited on her). I don’t know where this behavior was learned or considered appropriate, but it’s not; and should a surprise Health Department inspection happen this can cause serious issues for the restaurant.

So, let’s be clear….when you go to a restaurant or bar, anyplace that serves food and beverage and MUST be beyond clean, do not take off your shoes….remember the old school disclaimer: NO SHOES NO SERVICE (why do you think this phrase exists?)

Thanks for reading.


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