Don’t Do What Olivia Pope Does.

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November 3, 2014 by Diniquette

At least that’s what Mr. Asimov will tell you, in regards to drinking wine. Actually HE points out all of the WOMEN who are drinking wine incorrectly on their very successful TV shows. Here is where Mr. Asimov is right and wrong:

RIGHT: There is a proper way to hold a wine glass and a proper shaped glass to use depending on the wine. The character of Oliva Pope, who is now such an aficionado, would and should absolutely know how to properly hold a wine glass and the proper way to consume said wine.

WRONG: to say that I am appalled that Mr. Asimov is only pointing out the wine etiquette flaws in women, is an understatement. Since he has left out the men, please allow me to do so:

*Olivia Pope’s father, Rowan, also holds a wine glass incorrectly. That flaw in character research bothers me far more with him than with Olivia, since HE TAUGHT HER ABOUT WINE. Plus, if you are a fan of the show, (TEAM JAKE), you know how fussy Rowan is about his food, wine, art etc. Even in killing people, (oops, spoiler), he has a tremendous eye for detail and prides himself on all and every detail. FAIL

*Let’s talk about service for a second, (my expertise). Lee Daniels movie: THE BUTLER. Forest Whitaker is a Butler to our Presidents….AND HE SERVES THEM WRONG! When you serve from the left, (which is proper), you are to serve with your left hand, thus: Open Handed Service. What his character did was serve with his right hand, thus: Back Handed Service, meaning he gave the President of the United States an elbow in the kisser.

So, Mr. Asimov, if you are going to point out the service and etiquette flaws of our leading ladies, you’d better damn make sure you equally point them out in the men.

For the record: when you hold a wine glass, it should always be from the stem. If it’s too heavy to hold from the stem, then your glass is too full.

Thanks for reading.

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