Napkin Etiquette

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January 16, 2015 by Diniquette

Good Morning.

Let’s go back to basics for a moment and talk about what to do with your napkin while dining out:

*Once you are seated at your table, the napkin goes on your lap; not on your bread plate, not over to the side, but unfolded and on your lap.

*Your napkin is to be used for your mouth and hands ONLY. It is NOT to be used as a tissue….that’s why tissues aren’t called napkins…2 different things, 2 different uses.

*If you are someone who is wearing black, (like all of us New Yorkers), please do ask your server if they offer BLACK NAPKINS. A lot of restaurants have these black napkins, but they don’t broadcast that info, (one of those little behind the scene secrets)….so ask nicely.

*If you need your server, do NOT wave your napkin in the air like you’re at a game swinging a rally towel; just make eye contact with any employee and they’ll come running….I promise.

*When you’re finished your entrée, do NOT throw your linen napkin on top of the dirty entrée plate…’re going to have dessert right? Don’t you think you’ll still need that napkin?

I realize that we are not living in the age of DOWNTON ABBEY, but that doesn’t mean good manners don’t matter…..they do and they should!

Any questions/comments tweet them to me: @kristalepore

Thanks for reading.

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